Trim angle gauges left Up/Down input Mercruiser white backlighting

Range Up/Down Case diameter Ø 52 mm Mounting hole & system Ø53. Mounting brackets Depth 52 mm Input Mercruiser RQ series cover lens Double lens anti-fog chamber CR series cover lens Glass Illumination White Housing Nylon PA66 Connection Fast-on Power supply 12 VDC 24VDC Power consumption 150 mA max + backlighting Operating temperature -10 +70°…

System analysis and remote monitoring for regatta

The SAILING SUPPORT SYSTEM is an integrated wind analysis system specifically designed for regattas. It helps the definition of tactics indicating true wind direction and speed, prevailing wind speed and direction (5-15 min) and vector speed and direction. All data collected are displayed on portable devices using Wi-Fi connection and recorded for post regatta analysis.