• High degree of corrosion protection
  • Intelligent activation
  • Long-lasting battery

The PT9 C-Proof is a Seawater-resistant underwater locating device. It is especially designed for the data protective capsules (FRM) of Voyage Data Recorder (VDR/SVDR) systems. It withstands the rough environmental conditions of maritime navigation, high G-shock impact and deep water immersion.

The PT9 C-Proof is a battery-powered device which radiates a pulsed acoustic signal into the surrounding water upon activation by its water-sensitive switch. The beacon operates over a period of 30 days when immersed in fresh or salt water. It is fitted to a data protective capsule by means of a mounting kit.

The PT9 C-Proof has been type-tested under the hardest conditions and in accordance with the relevant standards. The idea of the PT9 C-Proof was to develop an acoustic beacon especially for VDR and S-VDR capsules in maritime navigation. For this purpose, specially selected materials and coatings were used which have proved themselves suitable to withstand the rough environmental conditions on the deck of a ship. Furthermore, the housing and the water-sensitive switches are galvanically coordinated!

In addition to the corrosion-resistant parts such as housing and water-sensitive switch, the PT9 C-Proof is essentially different from conventional acoustic beacons as a result of its intelligent
activation (patent pending). Disruptive factors such as rain, spray, condensation, detergents, etc. are ignored by this smart feature.

  • Tested to meet or exceed all SAE AS 8045 requirements
  • Location signal as per DIN EN 61996 for maritime navigation
  • Approved by the BSH (Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency)
  • High corrosion-resistance ensures longevity
  • Intelligent activation guarantees a high degree of reliability
  • No mechanical protection necessary
  • Battery easy to exchange
  • Individualised special designs

The advantage of this protection against inadvertent triggering is that the number of unintentional activations is reduced to a minimum, thus improving the life of the battery.

There is no need to install additional parts such as, e.g. a water switch. The PT9 C-Proof delivery status is thus “ready for use”. There is no need to assemble or dismantle the beacon for operation, inspection or battery testing. The beacon test can be performed in agreement with and as defined in SAE AS8045. The battery is field replaceable.

Our vast experience in the development of underwater locating systems puts us in the position of being able to develop and make systems that are tailored to your individual requirements.