What Is a VDR?

VDRs are data recording systems, mandated for
commercial vessels in international waters under
regulation 20 of SOLAS Chapter V, to enable
accident investigators to review procedures and
instructions in the moments before an incident
and help to identify the cause of any accident
for ocean going vessels.

What is an Inland Waterway VDR?

An Inland Waterway VDR differs from the mandated SOLAS version in a number of ways. Primarily, the Inland Waterways VDR doesn’t have the rigid specifications of the mandated variant and the solution can be configured for the owner or vessels requirements. The central capability is to capture Radar, AIS, GPS, Depth, Rudder Position, Compass and Rate of Turn Indicator, as part of the core eight sensor recording system. Secondly, as the configuration is not constrained by legal requirement, there is flexibility on what information is captured and the ability to upgrade the specification to include audio recordings and protected memory capsule. This flexibility allows the owner to define what information they require and makes the solution more affordable by only capturing relevant data.