The NMEA to Synchro Converter is capable of converting serial heading data to synchro signals with ratios between 1:1 and 360:1.

Medium to high power synchro signals can be generated when it is connected with a gyro or electronic compass- useful and cost-effective solution for retrofits projects, eg. Refitting a ship with a new gyro whilst retaining the existing repeaters onboard.


  • Cost saving
    • Useful for retrofit projects, eg. Installation of new gyro
    • Retaining existing (and older) repeaters that require gyro signals
  • Flexible
    • All standard synchro ratios between 1:1 and 360:1 (non-standard ratios available on request)
    • Selectable Input Baud Rate
    • Adjustable Phase Output Voltage
  • High quality
    • Smooth and precise rotation control, for repeaters and autopilot
    • IEC 60945 approved
    • IEC 61162-1/-2 compliant