Starlight the new helming system frees the helm from having to peer down at a compass whilst trying to navigate a steady course sailing at sea.  It is a steering aid designed to make steering a yacht easy by synthesising a star to steer to.

The display bar is mounted, ideally, at horizon level and maintains a ‘fixed’ point to steer towards.  This means the person steering can see the direction to steer while allowing continuous look-out.  Starlight is perfect for anyone learning to helm, for helming in low visibility and at night when there are no landmarks in sight or to just provide reassurance that you are on course at any point.

  • A ‘Star to Steer By’

  • Horizon-level Helming Aid

  • Helps helm keep a look-out to the horizon

  • Built-in electronic compass

  • Water resistant to IP68

  • Simple connection to a 8-30V supply

  • Easily mounted on cabin top or to a spray hood

  • Display length is 660mm

  • Auto-brightness

  • Variable width adjustment

The animation below demonstrates how Starlight works out on the water, helping you to maintain a look out on the horizon whilst holding a steady course.