NSS12 evo2 Chartplotter/Multifunction Display

Ideal at the helm or as an extra display aboard non-SOLAS coastal fishing vessels and workboats, the NSS12 evo2 combines a 12-inch widescreen chartplotter and multifunction display with built-in GPS/GLONASS receiver, StructureScan sonar imaging, CHIRP-enabled broadband sonar, and comprehensive expansion capabilities. With HDMI output, the NSS12 evo2 can optionally drive a second mirrored display – perfect for dual-helm installations, or to duplicate the display at another bridge station. 12-inch 1280x720 (16:9) HD multi-touch display Embedded high-gain 10Hz GPS/GLONASS receiver Built-in CHIRP-enabled broadband sounder, StructureScan, and ForwardScan sonar support Multi-touch screen and keypad/rotary dial for precise, reliable control in all conditions Customisable display panels to suit any vessel and task Bridge Control simplifies management of multiple displays and helm stations Full autopilot integration capability GoFree™ wireless software updates, chart downloads, and smartphone/tablet integration (WiFi-1 module required) HDMI video output for optional secondary display
Manufacturer: SİMRAD
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With multi-touch display, embedded high-performance marine processor, Ethernet networking, and NMEA0183/NMEA2000 connectivity, the NSS12 evo2 is a complete multifunction display system in a single compact unit. Suitable for enclosed pilothouses or outside use, this display can be flush-mounted for a slim 8mm profile, or bracket mounted for convenient installation in any location. Multiple NSS evo2 displays and NSO evo2 processors can be networked to form a ship-wide distributed multifunction display system, with connected instruments and sensors shared between displays.

Non IMO-Approved

The NSS12 evo2 is not IMO approved for use as a navigation or radar display aboard SOLAS vessels. NSS evo2 systems are suitable for use as a navigation system aboard non-SOLAS vessels, and for use aboard any vessel in non-SOLAS applications such as fish-finding, bird-finding, or research.

Multi-Touch Screen and Keypad/Dial Control

A multi-touch display offers fast and intuitive control of onscreen charts and menus, while a keypad and rotary push-to-enter dial ensure full control is maintained in situations where waves and boat movement make it difficult to use a touchscreen accurately.

The NSS12 evo2’s customisable software is optimised to suit the display’s high-definition widescreen and multi-touch interface, making use of common gestures such as pinch-zooming that smartphone and tablet users will find familiar. Key navigational information is available on a single ‘Nav’ display, and customisable favourites allow quick access to other commonly used functions. Split-screen view allows two panels to be displayed side-by-side, with easily adjustable sizes.

On fast-moving RIBs, patrol boats, and other vessels where touch controls may be unsuitable, the touchscreen can be locked to prevent accidental input and the optional Simrad OP40 keypad controller used to operate the display.

Built-in GPS

The NSS12 evo2’s embedded high-gain GPS/GLONASS receiver provides precise location information without external hardware. High-speed 10Hz updates are suitable for fast-moving vessels, tracking position reliably without “jumping” on the display. The embedded receiver works in flush-mount installations on most fibreglass boats, and in bracket-mount outside installations on other vessels. On vessels where the embedded GPS cannot be used, the NSS12 evo2 is compatible with a wide range of Simrad and third-party external GPS receivers.

Built-in Echosounder & StructureScan

The NSS12 evo2 features a built-in echosounder with CHIRP technology to clearly identify fish targets and accurately chart depth, plus either StructureScan sonar imaging for a panoramic view of the water column and seafloor, or ForwardScan sonar for a clear 2D view of the bottom ahead.

These integrated sonar technologies make it easy to identify productive fishing areas, find anchorages, avoid running aground in unfamiliar waters, survey submerged structures, or rapidly eliminate search areas before sending divers into the water. Additional tranducers and sonar technologies can be used by combining multiple NSS evo2 units or adding a Simrad SonarHub Sounder Module, StructureScan 3D, BSM-3 Broadband Echosounder, or other sonar module.

Bridge Control

Easily manage multiple displays with Bridge Control. Link up to four displays as a ‘bridge’, then create pre-set views for activities such as docking, navigation, fishing, surveys, or searches. Bridge presets control what appears on each display, and allow a multi-display helm station to be set up for a specific purpose in one simple step.

Bridge Control extends to vessels with dual helms or multiple stations, with the ability to define up to four separate bridge Bridge stations each with its own displays and presets. Bridge Control works with any networked combination of Simrad NSS evo2 and NSO evo2 multifunction displays.

Autopilot Integration

Simrad autopilots and other compatible electronic steering systems can be operated via the NSS12 evo2, without a separate autopilot display or controls. On vessels with multiple stations, autopilot integration means full autopilot and steering control is available from any NSS evo2 or NSO evo2 multifunction display on board.

The NSS12 evo2 includes a dedicated autopilot button and indicator lights, rotary-dial steering, and full on-screen autopilot controls. Beyond basic autopilot, integration offers course control with route navigation – lay down and navigate to waypoints with a touch, and easily backtrack to previous locations identified on a chart or echosounder history view – invaluable when fishing, surveying, or conducting searches.

Expansion Capabilities

With its Ethernet, NMEA0183, and NMEA2000 connectivity, the NSS12 evo2 can be integrated with other Simrad performance modules such as echosounders, StructureScan 3D sonar imaging, 4G Broadband radar, Halo™ Pulse Compression radar, and AIS. A wide range of third-party marine electronics can also be integrated with NSS evo2 systems including FLIR infrared cameras, engine monitoring interfaces, digital switching solutions and more.

Cartography Options

With dual chart card slots and the ability to download charts and updates direct to the display with GoFree™ wireless, cartography options are immediately available to suit any region and application. The NSS12 evo2 supports a wide range of cartography including C-MAP MAX-N, Navionics, Insight, Insight Genesis, and NV Digital Charts.

GoFree™ Wireless Updates and Chart Purchases

Available with the optional WiFi-1 module, GoFree™ wireless capabilities provide internet-connected functionality to every networked NSS evo2 display on board, anywhere a Wi-Fi internet connection is available. Reduce maintenance time with automatic software update notifications, and the option to wirelessly download updates directly to the relevant displays. Charts may also be purchased online, and downloaded directly to any GoFree™ connected NSS evo2 display, via the GoFree™ Shop.

GoFree™ Smartphone and Tablet Integration

Extend Simrad multifunction display capabilities anywhere on board, with the ability to remotely view the screen of any GoFree™ connected NSS evo2 from an Apple iPhone or Android smartphone, and to control many functions from an Apple iPad or Android tablet. Remote viewing and control functions require the optional WiFi-1 module; multiple modules may be necessary to provide complete Wi-Fi coverage aboard some vessels.

HDMI Output

With HDMI output, drive a second screen mirroring the NSS12 evo2’s built-in display. Combined with a Simrad OP40 keypad controller, a second display may be used in a dual-helm setup to provide a ‘clone’ helm station. Alternatively, an extra screen may be used to duplicate a critical navigation, echosounder, or radar display across two bridge stations, or to duplicate the main helm display in the salon or captain’s cabin.