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SG05 Pro Autopilot Interface for CANbus Steering Systems

The SG05 Pro version provides autopilot control from AP70 and AP80 control heads to CANbus steering systems and can be used as part of an IMO approved autopilot system. The ONLY IMO approved Autopilot interface for CANbus steering systems The Simrad SG05 Pro Autopilot Controller has 2 Simnet ports to connect either via a drop-cable or inline as part of the network backbone.
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Simrad A2004 Autopilot Controller

The A2004 is a dedicated autopilot controller designed to meet the needs of professional mariners aboard a variety of commercial vessels. It features a proven Simrad interface, presented on a wide-angle and zero-fog colour display. Engineered for responsiveness and ease of use, the A2004 pairs a precision rotary control dial with dedicated buttons for instant access to steering modes, a custom-configurable Work mode, and automated turn patterns. Proven Simrad interface designed for commercial marine applications Large, heavy-duty rotary control dial for precision steering Continuum steering technology Optically bonded 4.1-inch colour display with 170-degree viewing angle Thruster integration & heavy-duty rudder feedback support Configurable work mode and low/high speed modes Automated turn patterns for fuel-efficient, hands-free manoeuvres No Drift steering holds course against wind and tide Flush or bracket mounting options Certified NMEA 2000® connectivity
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Simrad AC70 Autopilot Computer

A comprehensive range of computers and interface units are offered with the Simrad AP70 and AP80 autopilots providing a complete solution for every steering system.
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Simrad AC80A Autopilot Computer

Drive computer for analog or proportional control of rudder or thruster using analog voltage or low level current with possibility for frequency, voltage or current angle feedback, digital drive handshake and external mode input. Built in CAN-bus supply and 4 channel IEC 61162-1 (NMEA 0183) RX/TX. Built in CAN-bus supply channel IEC 61162-1 (NMEA 0183) RX/TX.
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Simrad AC80S Autopilot Computer

Drive computer for on/off or proportional control of rudder or thruster. Built in CAN-bus supply 4 channel IEC 61162-1 (NMEA 0183) RX/TX.
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Simrad AC85 Autopilot Computer

Customizable computer that can be configured with up to four PCB’s depending on the installation requirements. CAN-bus supply 4 channel IEC 61162-1 (NMEA 0183) RX/TX (not mounted) Bulkhead mounted
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